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The company

What are the different jobs at Raoul LENOIR?

Raoul LENOIR is synonymous with ... Magnetism!

We have been using this technology for almost 70 years and our knowledge has been handed down to and improved by each new generation.

We are present in all sectors and this requires us to have well-trained multidisciplinary teams. From the certified welder to the digital simulation engineer, from the electrical mechanic working at the After-sales service to the Quality control inspector, from the technical sales manager to the electromagnetic winder, all professions are represented in order to sell, manufacture and repair mechanical, electrical and magnetic equipment.

Every Raoul Lenoir employee is trained in several disciplines, and this creates a particular interest in working at our facility.

If you want to learn more about employment opportunities, e-mail us at

Where can I find information about the company?

Go to our Home page, where you will find all the information you need.

You can contact our office through the "Contacts" page or call your technical sales department. You will find his contact details on the "Our Network" page.

Who should I contact if I have any complaints?

You can contact us online by filling out the contact form or send us a letter at Raoul LENOIR ZI Béarn 54400 Cosnes-et-Romain.

For an issue:

  • with billing: (ADV Service)
  • with the delivery of new equipment: (ADV Service)
  • with the delivery time for the return of equipment sent for repair: (AS Service)
  • with the operation of new or second-hand equipment: (SDV Service)
  • with the quality of the new equipment you have just received: (Quality Control Service)

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