Frequently Asked Questions

Does LENOIR sell outside of France?

Raoul LENOIR sells about 40% of its production outside of France.

Benelux, Europe, South America and North America, Russia, Asia and, certainly, North Africa - we have developed equipment and delivered thousands of products around the world.

Contact our Export Manager: We will meet you there, wherever you are.

Is the lifting magnet reliable and safe?

The answer is: definitely, yes. 

For a novice, the view of a 60-ton load supported by an electromagnet can be scary. Beyond the fact that, every day, thousands of tons are handled with electromagnets throughout the world - which appears to be the most convincing proof of the effectiveness of this type of equipment - we would add the following arguments:

  • electromagnets have a much lower and slower mechanical wear compared to grippers and slings.
  • the magnetism between the magnet and the steel load is so strong that we could compare it to a weld.
  • there are standards in force that impose safety factors depending on whether permanent or electromagnets are used.
  • even in the case of power failure, the electromagnets are instantly powered by batteries.
  • in order to avoid any human error, the regulatory ergonomics of a demagnetization command require validating the release of the load with two voluntary actions by simultaneously pressing 2 buttons located far from each other.

Please note: It is necessary to regularly maintain and monitor the equipment and use it only for the operations it was designed for. 

I have a bulk product for sorting or purification. How do I know what can be extracted?

If you have doubts about whether it is possible to extract steel and aluminium, in the form of large blocks or fine particles, contact your technical sales department. They have the experience required to answer your questions and, if necessary, we can perform tests in our laboratory. We have a fleet of machines with various magnetism based technology.

Does LENOIR repair equipment manufactured by their competitors?

Our extensive knowledge of magnetism allows us to repair lifting electromagnets by competing brands. 

We also repair the overband electromagnets and purification chambers manufactured by our colleagues. 

For any other equipment, specify the brand and the model on the "Contacts".

What are the different jobs at Raoul LENOIR?

Raoul LENOIR is synonymous with ... Magnetism!

We have been using this technology for almost 70 years and our knowledge has been handed down to and improved by each new generation.

We are present in all sectors and this requires us to have well-trained multidisciplinary teams. From the certified welder to the digital simulation engineer, from the electrical mechanic working at the After-sales service to the Quality control inspector, from the technical sales manager to the electromagnetic winder, all professions are represented in order to sell, manufacture and repair mechanical, electrical and magnetic equipment.

Every Raoul Lenoir employee is trained in several disciplines, and this creates a particular interest in working at our facility.

If you want to learn more about employment opportunities, e-mail us at

Where can I find information about the company?

Go to our Home page, where you will find all the information you need.

You can contact our office through the "Contacts" page or call your technical sales department. You will find his contact details on the "Our Network" page.

The equipment was not delivered on time: when will it be delivered?

Just like any equipment manufacturer, we can encounter supply problems that could delay the delivery of your equipment. If the equipment is not delivered by the date specified on your order confirmation, you can find out the new delivery date by contacting our Sales Manager at

I would like an intervention at my worksite. Who should I contact?

For the commissioning of new equipment, to carry out an assessment of your functioning equipment or to schedule a repair, please contact our AS Manager at 

Where can I find spare parts for my equipment?

If you want to buy emergency spare parts or schedule a maintenance appointment, ask for an estimate at, specifying the serial number of the equipment or, even better, attaching a photo of the ID plate.

Some examples of the equipment that we keep in stock for the products manufactured most often:

  • Bearings (including INA and SKF),
  • Rossi, SEW and Leroy Somer gear motors and motors
  • Vulcanized endless or seamer rubber belts.
  • Permanent ferrite or N40 neodymium magnets for magnetic bars and eddy current separator.
  • Epoxy fiberglass ring
  • Telemechanical XSA-V rotation controller
  • Class H anodized coil belt

Still haven't found what you need? Ask us!

Who should I contact if I have any complaints?

You can contact us online by filling out the contact form or send us a letter at Raoul LENOIR ZI Béarn 54400 Cosnes-et-Romain.

For an issue:

  • with billing: (ADV Service)
  • with the delivery of new equipment: (ADV Service)
  • with the delivery time for the return of equipment sent for repair: (AS Service)
  • with the operation of new or second-hand equipment: (SDV Service)
  • with the quality of the new equipment you have just received: (Quality Control Service)

How to get an estimate for LENOIR equipment?

To find out the price and the delivery time of our equipment, please contact our sales network. Look under "Our network" to get the contact details of your technical sales department. In addition to the price, they will also recommend you the equipment that matches your needs. You will decide whether an appointment is required.

We will do our best to understand your business and to offer you what you really need. 

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