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Lenoir offers its expertise to food producers and processors. Whether magnetism is used to remove or to detect ferromagnetic particles, fine or coarse, our range of products offers a solution. We treat liquid, pasty and solid materials, such as, for example, sugar, flour, mustard, chocolate, drinks, flour, soda and other powders.

The SGA (contact lubricant) and FSMS (voltage pulse generator) chambers and the vessels are equipped with magnetic stainless steel bars with permanent neodymium magnets N40 to N52 or 14700 Gauss for the highest performance. But it is mainly the arrangement of the magnets that allows us to reach maximum efficiency in purifying your product.

We have detectors with different levels of sensitivity and electronics capable of adapting to your product and to your oversight requirements. Installing a detector means ensuring the purity of your product. It also means protecting your downstream systems.

LENOIR offers also magnetic chucks for the conditioning of can layers. These magnetic chucks are installed mainly on palletizing / depalletizing robots.



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