Steel industry

Magnetic lifting and handling of steel products

In a profoundly changing national and international context, where the development of production sites is essentially linked to the laws of the market (supply and demand) and is bound by economic constraints, the steel industry holds a great strategic importance.

This sector is characterized by a strengthening competitive environment, in which any disruption of the supply chain (minerals and/or recycled steel) causes severe market tensions and increasing environmental constraints.

Historically present in this sector, thanks to its geographic position in the heart of the iron and steel areas of the East of France, Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium, the Raoul LENOIR company has developed a wide range of equipment and services to satisfy any needs with regard to the magnetic lifting and handling of steel products at temperatures of up to 600°C. From manufacturing traditional or complex lifting equipment to drafting the maintenance contract, our organization is able to align perfectly with your structure and your daily needs.

We are aware of the difficulties that such activities entail and we recommend efficient actions that help achieve optimal operation. With decades of experience, our employees have a thorough understanding of the products' end applications, and they are able to appreciate the processes and face the challenges of your company.

Our strategy: capitalize on our strengths to optimize your operational performance.


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