Who are we?

LENOIR MAGNETIC SYSTEMS... a variety of skills

LENOIR designs and manufactures devices based on different operating principles, such as electromagnets, electropermanent magnets, permanent magnets, as well as pneumatic magnets for the lifting and handling of industrial products.

LENOIR provides engineering services for the design and manufacturing of separation and iron removal systems. The various areas of application range from mining to fertilizers, glass, wood, sugar, cereals and, more generally, engineering activities and the recycling industry.


Our achievements

Thanks to 70 years of experience, LENOIR is able to satisfy even the most demanding clients. LENOIR offers machinery and systems of high performance, recognized by the market. With its high level of technical expertise, emphasized both by the products and by the services offered, LENOIR ensures unique quality of products and services for national and international clients.

LENOIR is part of the Delachaux Group, a global player in mission-critical engineered solutions. Family-owned company created in 1902, the Delachaux Group employs more than 3000 people in over 35 countries.

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