After-sales service

Monitoring and response...

Our company's after-sales service operates in three areas:

  • Equipment repairs, regardless of the brand, in our Cosnes-et-Romain site using permanent magnets or electromagnets with copper or aluminium coil. The After-sales team is independent from the production workshop, which gives it flexibility and quick response time. It also keeps a stock of the most common parts such as bearings, gear motors and permanent magnets. Each electromagnetic, separation or lifting device passes a test that simulates the operating factor recommended for the end user. Similarly, all the lifting electromagnets pass strength tests that measure their cold and hot lifting capacity at different air gaps.
  • Site intervention for fault diagnosis, immediate repairs (whenever possible) and equipment reactivation.
  • An on-the-spot assessment aimed at preparing a report on the state of the equipment, in order to schedule the supply of spare parts and any possible preventive maintenance carried out by your team or by ours.

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